• Beller’s Equal

  • Low Cabinet

  • •• Born to be different. @atelierordinaire’s project 10 black house. 
Love a house shaped house, in its simplest form.
  • •• Websites and their contents can be deceiving. In our case, we have a whole lot of stock sitting on the Shop floor that has yet to make their debut appearance on our web store because we’re seriously struggling to multitask. The boss can blame the boss. 
You will never know about those products unless....well, unless they pop up on our website 🤷🏻‍♀️. Moral of the story, it always pays to ask if we can order something in for you (even if we don’t show it) and come and visit us :: we may already have what you are looking for 😄.
A candidate for ‘not yet uploaded to the website category’ is our @muutodesign’s folded shelves. Refined Styling👌🏻 by @sarah_cocolapine.
  • •• We do have minimal color OCD. Cannot help it. It’s a terrible thing. We apologize in advance to anyone who expects more colour from us. It’s just not our thing. #sorrynotsorry

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